ELFBAR Pod System

The ELFBAR Pod System

These more environmentally friendly, money-saving disposable pod kits from ELFBAR are an alternative to traditional disposable vapes.

Designed to deliver the purest taste with less waste, the ELFBAR pod systems feature rechargeable batteries and pre-filled pods with high-quality coils and optimised airflow to maximise the flavour of the ELFBAR e-liquids.

All the ElfBar pods are pre-filled with 2ml of the highest quality 20mg nic salt in a choice of flavours, delivering a clean and simple solution to making your ElfBar experience last longer.

The ElfBar pod system allows the leak-free magnetic pods to be added and removed quickly with a simple click. To ensure that you enjoy the flavour at its very best, the e-liquid is kept fresh by sealing it inside the pod, simply push the base to release the liquid when you are ready to enjoy its delicious taste.

The super-slim rechargeable battery is encased in a sleek aluminium body available in numerous colours to suit your mood. Operation is kept simple by using the familiar ElfBar draw activation, eliminating the need for a fire button. A small LED is used to indicate the battery level.

What is the ELFBAR Pod System?

Designed to reduce the amount of waste in traditional disposable vapes, the ELFBAR pod system uses a separate rechargeable battery with disposable pre-filled pods which allows vapers to enjoy the same great taste with less impact on the environment.

Does the ELFBAR pod system have the same flavours?

Currently, the ELFBAR pod system range which includes the ELFA and the MATE500 has a choice of many of your favourite flavours including Blue Razz Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Energy and Grape.

Are the ELFA and MATE500 pod systems rechargeable?

Yes, the advantage of the ELFBAR pods system range is that they feature internal rechargeable batteries with a type-C charge port and are capable of delivering an all-day vape experience.

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