Discover ELBAR's Next Generation Kits

Bigger performance, bigger flavour, a bigger choice

For lovers of the original ELFBAR wanting to take their vaping experience to a more advanced level, the ELFBAR pod kits offer higher performance with a more rewarding vaping experience.
Elf Bar pod kits use rechargeable batteries with a larger capacity and higher power output to deliver bigger and more reliable performance.
Simplicity is key, with the new pod kits featuring a single fire button and draw-activation allowing you to choose your vaping style.
The sleek and compact Elf Bar pod kits have an all-new clear pod with a replaceable high-performance mesh coil and optimised airflow designed to deliver excellent flavour and smooth vape. The convenient magnetic fitting refillable pods allow you to easily add your favourite liquid to your Elf Bar, making it the perfect vaping experience.
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